Gary LapowBoth soulful and meditative,these eleven prayers set to music by Gary Lapow, are beautifully presented in a variety of World Music styles. Ten years ago, Gary began singing devotional music with friends in his living room. As this practice grew over time, a group of singers and musicians from the Bay Area Jewish music scene emerged as Shiviti.

"We Bless The Love" captures the depth of their yearning for connection with the Divine.

"Great music is prayer. This CD is the most beautiful of prayers."
Dr. Avram Davis, Founder Chochmat HaLev, author of The Way of The Flame: A Guide to The Forgotten Mystical Tradition of Jewish Meditation

"This CD is a wonderful gift. The music of Gary Lapow and Shiviti comes from a place of truth; it warms your heart and touches your soul."
Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man, Founder of Metivta, a center for contemplative Judiasm

"A beautiful, soulfull, meditative CD that will lift you to higher realms. Their music is made with great intention and heart, and is a joy to hear."
Nan Fink Gefen, President of Chochmat HaLev, author of Stranger In The Midst: A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery

"This music is really beautiful. So full of heart and love and stillness."
Jai Uttal

We bless the love

1. El Melech Rachaman 6:34
2. Master of this Breath 5:26
3. Oseh Shalom (Aloha Version) 5:18
4. Adonai Melech 4:52
5. We Bless the Love 6:16
6. Blessed is the one 4:01
7. Horiyni 3:36
8. El Na Refanala 4:30
9. Names of Hashem 4:26
10. Elohai 4:13
11. Baruch Adonai Bayom 3:46